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I found six crowns and open the door, but nothing happened. And I tried to walk around, but the princess can't move anymore.

Or the reward is "through the door" ?

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to add the ending :C
I think we will add it at the first update


I just wanna make sure I don't miss anything. 

I'll looking forward to your next update :)

That is the funniest walk ever! I found some of the notes, but after a whole lot of walking I fell through the game. I imagine there is a twist at the end.

I like the atmosphere, I enjoyed playing for a bit. exploring the creepy castle was pretty great! A couple small bugs, like one or two crowned soldiers that highlighted, but I couldn't collect anything, and some funky doors. Sadly the web version seemed to break for me. If you have the chance, checkout our game: